Are Vickala 'Kay Kay' Gray and Keenan Anunay from ‘Love Island: USA’ season 5 still together? (2024)

Vickala ‘Kay Kay’ Gray and Keenan Anunay are arguably one of the most controversial couples to stem from Love Island: USA season five — primarily due to Keenan’s infidelity during the infamous Casa Amor twist — but where do they stand now?

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Kay Kay and Keenan met on day one in the villa, instantly gravitating towards each other due to a strong physical attraction. Despite being coupled up with one another, Keenan was rather wishy washy, getting to know every bombshell that walked into the villa — from Kassy Castillo, to Emily Chavez, to Imani Wheeler, and beyond — while Kay Kay remained 100% committed to him.

After dozens of arguments, Keenan finally decided he wanted to close things out by asking Kay Kay to be his girlfriend, however, Casa Amor week put a wrench in his plans…

Despite (supposedly) being head over heels for Kay Kay, Keenan got down and dirty withNajah Flearyduring Casa Amor week, with some spicy activities occurring under the covers — yikes! Because of this, Keenan rubbed fans of the Love Island franchise the wrong way, causing him to be dumped from the villa after a fan vote that put him on the bottom of the bunch.

Given Kay Kay’s unmatched loyalty — something in which her counterpart was lacking throughout his journey on Love Island: USA — she decided to self-eliminate, leaving the villa alongside Keenan and saying that she “found what she came here for.”

Kay Kay shared via Instagram upon her untimely exit, “Love Island has been such an amazing experience for me. I had quite the emotional rollercoaster this season but throughout, I built lifelong friendships, I learned so much about myself and I stayed true to me. I can’t say it was an easy ride, but I can say it was real, so for that I am proud. Thanks to everyone who has sent positivity my way. Thank you to all of my supporters, and those who have followed along with my journey. I’m looking forward to sharing what’s next for Keenan (@smoothk9_) & myself. I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️”

Likewise, Keenan shared via Instagram as well, “My Love Island journey is now over and i got what i came for, I’m so lucky to have met all the wonderful people in the villa and the amazing people who put in work, day in and day out on the project. Most of all i’m lucky to have met@kaykaloreand I’m prepared to answer any questions or hear any personal opinions after i tell you guys about my journey, good or bad. Appreciation to everyone that watched our journey till the end!!”

Despite leaving Fiji hand in hand, did Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray and Keenan Anunay survive the trials and tribulations of their relationship and remain a couple after season five of Love Island: USA wrapped? Keep scrolling to find out for yourself…

Despite haters saying they wouldn’t last due to their tumultuous journey on the show, Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray and Keenan Anunay are still a couple, posting dozens of photos together on their respective Instagram profiles — how cute is that?

Most recently, Kay Kay celebrated hitting 100k followers on Instagram with some sexy solo shots posted on October 24. Hidden within her carousel of nine photos, which showcased her natural beauty wearing a stunning white midi dress, there was a photo of her and her Love Island: USA lover, happy as can be.

From the same photoshoot, Keenan shared some photos of the pair as well, with a caption that likely references his controversial journey on the beloved competition series, which reads, “All the disadvantages created my story…”

Nonetheless, it is clear that Kay Kay and Keenan are still going strong after leaving the villa together, and our fingers are crossed that this is a forever kind of love!

To see the good, the bad and the ugly of Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray and Keenan Anunay’s relationship, you can stream season five Love Island: USAfrom start to finish on Peaco*ck right now.

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Are Vickala 'Kay Kay' Gray and Keenan Anunay from ‘Love Island: USA’ season 5 still together? (2024)


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