Love Island USA Couple Status Up In Air After Clashing Over Sarah Hyland’s Comments (2024)

It was one of the biggest plot twists in Love Island history. A joint elimination by choice, many Love Island fans might be wondering if Keenan and Kay Kay are still together from Love Island USA.

Love IslandUS premiered in 2019. The show aired its first three seasons on CBS. In 2022, news broke thatLove IslandUS was renewed for a fourth and fifth season onPeaco*ck, moving the series from CBS to the NBC exclusive streaming service. “As we continue to make Peaco*ck a destination for must-watch original programming, partnering with a global powerhouse like ITV enables us to build on their internationally beloved formats to attract all new fans to the platform,” said Susan Rovner, chairman of entertainment content for NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said at the time.

Set in Fiji, Season 5 of the Peaco*ck OriginalLove IslandUS features a new group of sexy singles on a search for love in a beautiful villa. One of the highlight couples, Keenan Anunay and Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray are in it through the end, even if one of them were to be eliminated. On the August 18, 2023 episode, Keenan was eliminated after getting the lowest number of fan votes. Kay Kay voluntarily left with her man. What ensued was also a big dramatic moment in the show’s history.

So are Keenan and Kay Kay still together? Read more below to find out.

Are Keenan and Kay Kay still together?

Status: Most likely together.

Days after their elimination aired, the couple posted on social media an update on their relationship and it seems like it’s smooth sailing ahead.

“My love island journey is now over and i got what i came for, I’m so lucky to have met all the wonderful people in the villa and the amazing people who put in work, day in and day out on the project,” Keenan posted on his Instagram. “Most of all i’m lucky to have met@kaykaloreand I’m prepared to answer any questions or hear any personal opinions after i tell you guys about my journey, good or bad appreciation to everyone that watched our journey till the end !!”

Kay Kay expressed the same sentiments. “Love Island has been such an amazing experience for me. I had quite the emotional rollercoaster this season but throughout, I built lifelong friendships, I learned so much about my self and I stayed true to me,” she wrote on an Instagram post. “I can’t say it was an easy ride, but I can say it was real, so for that I am proud. Thanks to everyone who has sent positivity my way. Thank you to all of my supporters, and those who have followed along with my journey. I’m looking forward to sharing what’s next for Keenan (@smoothk9_) & myself. I love you guys❤️❤️❤️”

During Keenan’s elimination, Kay Kay voluntarily decided to go with her match. Host Sarah Hyland asked Kay Kay “Before you go anywhere, I just want to make sure that you are absolutely happy with your decision,” she said. Kay Kay replied, “No regrets.”

“Why are you saying it like that?” contestant Mike Stark interjected.

“Me?” Hyland asked, gesturing to herself. “Yeah,” Mike answered. “You sounded mad disrespectful.”

I’mbeing disrespectful? Okay then,” she responded.

“Sarah, I apologize for his reaction,” Leonardo Dionicio whispered in her ear. “I think it’s just the heat of the moment.”

She thanked him before announcing, “Boys will be boys.”

Did you see this coming? 😱 #LoveIslandUSA

— Love Island USA (@loveislandusa) August 19, 2023

The Modern Family alum took to Instagram to talk about that tense moment. “When I tell you that tonight’s episode… It was wild. It was absolutely wild. I was gonna lose my mind,” she said in the clip. “I thought New York Sarah was gonna come out, but I kept it [professional].”

Kay Kay and Keenan immediately connected on the first episode of the fifth season of Love Island USA. Though Keenan also explored other connections with contestants like Najah Fleary who was “blindsided” when Keenan reunited with Kay Kay.

Najah told Today about what she would warn Kay Kay about Keenan after the betrayal. “He is a very selfish, narcissistic person. He’s really like somebody that I’ve never met before. A lot of the times when stuff like this happens in the real world, women don’t know. They don’t know what the guy’s been saying to such and such, the lies they lie. So to see it literally in 4K, him being two-faced, him blindsiding both parties and blindsiding every girl that he meets. Him blindsiding Kay Kay,disrespecting Kay Kay, disrespecting me, lying on me. Making it seem like I’m the villain and he’s this, “Oh my gosh, I have so much restraint.” There’s a certain place down south that he belongs.”

Love Island USA Season 5 Contestants

Love Island USA Couple Status Up In Air After Clashing Over Sarah Hyland’s Comments (3)

Here’s a list of Love Island USA Season 5 contestants.

  • Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray, Age: 25, Occupation: Travel Nurse
  • Leonardo Dinocio, Age: 21, Occupation: Salesman
  • Anna Kurdys, Age: 22, Occupation: Criminal Justice Student
  • Marco Donatelli, Age: 22, Occupation: Chiropractic Stude
  • Destiny Davis, Age: 27, Occupation: Microbiologist
  • Victor Gonzalez, Age: 28, Occupation: Student & Wrestler
  • Kassy Castillo, Age: 22, Occupation: Real estate student
  • Jonah Allman, Age: 24, Occupation: Rancher
  • Jasmine Sklavanitis, Age: 24, Occupation: Trauma Stepdown ICU Nurse
  • Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, Age: 22, Occupation: Dairy Queen manager
  • Jasmine Sklavanitis, Age: 24, Occupation: Trauma step-down ICU nurse
  • Keenan Anunay, Age: 23, Occupation: Student
  • Kenzo Nudo, Age: 26, Occupation: Travel Videographer
  • Mike Starks, Age: 22, Occupation: Car Salesman
  • Allie Ryan, Age: 28, Occupation: Nursing Student
  • Ashley Sims, Age: 23, Occupation: Beverage Cart Attendant & College Student
  • Brandon Janse Van Vuuren, Age: 22, College Student & Behavioral Tech
  • Dasja Johnson, Age: 27, Occupation: Data Processing Specialist
  • Eddie Brown, Age 26, Occupation: NFL Free Agent & Bouncer
  • Isiah “Zay” Harayda, Age: 23, Occupation: Executive Sales Rep
  • Johnnie Garcia, Age: 25, Occupation: Administrative Manager
  • Kyle Darden, Age: 24, Occupation: Soccer Coach
  • Matia Marcantuoni, Age: 29, Occupation: Clothing Brand Owner
  • Najah Fleary, Age: 25, Occupation: Nursing Studen
  • Rob Rausch, Age: 24, Occupation: Snake Wrangler
  • Taylor Chemlka, Age: 23, Occupation: Advertising Account Manager
  • Taylor Smith, Age: 24, Occupation: Hotel Manager

Love Island US season 5 is available to stream on Peaco*ck. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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Love Island USA Couple Status Up In Air After Clashing Over Sarah Hyland’s Comments (2024)


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