Marvel: A New Avenger Kapitel 41 (2024)

Chapter 041

As soon as the door bursted and a giant guy carved with metal entered his view, Alex began to think, trying to remember his face from any of the movies or comics.

But there was nothing.

He didn't know anything about this guy other than the fact that he was able to absorb metals.

Behind the giant, an Asian man relatively small in stature walked out. He was wearing a jacket and Alex guessed that he was either Chinese or Japanese.

"Looks like Vladmir's men weren't able to do their job properly in the end." He said, looking at the bodies lying around.

For a second, a hint of panic appeared in his eyes but he shook it off, focusing on both Matt and Alex who he was seeing for the first time.

"Who are you?" The Chinese man asked. "I thought the Devil of Hell's kitchen worked alone."

"I know this guy." The metallic giant replied. "I saw him on the TV. Heard he defeated a monster. They call him 'Wolf' or something."

"Many people call me many things." Alex said, squinting at the two of them.

He had thought that the two enhanced would be mutants, but it didn't seem like that now. He glanced at Matt who was trying to stall as much time as he could for his wound to heal completely.

"Look, our fight isn't against you two. We are just fighting the Russians and don't hold any enmity against you." Matt said, smiling like he was harmless.

"Oh, so you don't feel anything even after I smashed you to the ground last time." The giant guy smirked. "I thought your reputation was a bit more ruthless."

"Hahaha, I try to avoid a fight if I can."

"Is that so? I will tell you one thing. I was a boxer once and we have a simple rule there. Never avoid a fight or you are termed a coward."

The giant guy said as he continued smirking. The Asian man nudged him as he frowned.

"Just do your job, Creel." He said." We are paid handsomely for a reason."

"You don't need to tell me what I can do." The giant metallic man who Alex identified as Creel now, said as the Asian man's hands suddenly got engulfed into flames.

Taking it as the start of the fight, Matt threw his baton at the Asian man while Creel rushed at Alex, wanting to see his powers for himself.

'Guess I have to deal with the guy that hits hard.'

Alex thought and prepared himself.

"Let's see if you can take a punch made out of steel." Creel roared as he lashed out in a cross aimed at my chin. A small shockwave went out as Alex caught his fist, steel met with flesh filled with superpower.

When Creel stared at Alex in shock at his power, he grinned.

He might not be as big as him but he has enough strength. It wasn't like it was easy to hold his fist but Alex was trying his best to put up a tough front.

Alex pulled in his arm as he aimed a punch at his stomach but even with his full strength, it just created a small ripple which wasn't enough as the metallic giant laughed.

"You need to try way harder if you want to hurt me."

That was all he said as he picked up Alex's body like it was paperweight and slammed into a table which got crushed under his weight.


He spat out a curse as he tried to pick himself up.

'My strength can hold him if I try but it ain't enough to hurt him. Looks like I need to go all out with my wolf.'

He thought and turned his head to glance at Matt who was fighting with the Asian man. The whole body of the Asian fan was on fire but it didn't seem to have any effect on him.

Not even his clothes were burning.

It looked like the man had pyrokinetic powers which enabled him to control flames and at the same time, make his body immune to it.

"You need to show more than that or it won't be fun." Creel said, stepping towards Alex and picking him up from the ground.

He smiled at the sight of Alex in his grasp as he began to squeeze. Alex whizzed as he struggled, then seeing no other option, he unleashed his wolf at full strength.

A massive amount of energy exploded outwards as Creel tried to step back but he was too close to do anything. He felt a force wave strangling down on his body as he was slammed into the ground, his metal form breaking a part of the floor.

"That hurts." He muttered as Alex stepped towards him.

He quickly got up and looked at Alex.

His wolf was fully manifested now but a part of it was still connected to Alex, making the two of them seem like a weird alien.

Actually, this form was something that he had learned when trying to think of ways to use his wolf in different manners. With this, not only Alex can fight with his wolf but he can also use it to protect himself.

"What are you? An alien?" Creel asked, shocked by what he was seeing.

"You don't have to know."

Alex replied and Creel rushed out, whipping a punch at him which Alex easily dodged. Then, a pair of claws slashed at his stomach.

For a moment, the claws clashed with his stomach, trying to rip through them. Soon, a long gash was stretched into his steel form as Creel blinked stupidly.

"Looks like you can still get hurt."

Alex grinned but it didn't seem like Creel liked it as he fired back several punches. Some of them Alex blocked while the others were obstructed by his wolf.

Creel roared as he rushed Alex, making him fall back under his power but he countered with his wolf, using its claws to slash at several places of the metallic giant body.

The attacks kept getting exchanged as both of them tried their best to come out victorious of the battle that was just starting.


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