Are Kay Kay & Keenan From Love Island USA Season 5 Together After The Show? (2024)


  • Love Island USA stars Kay Kay and Keenan formed a strong bond on the series, but they split up after the show. Kay Kay announced their breakup in December 2023.
  • Kay Kay previously faced criticism from fans because she decided to stay with Keenan despite his boorish behavior on the series.
  • While some believed that Kay Kay should re-evaluate her relationship, she stuck around for a while. However, she eventually realized that Keenan wasn't right for her.

Love Island USA season 5 stars Vickala "Kay Kay" Gray and Keenan Anunay formed a strong bond on the popular series, and it's time to talk about where their relationship stands today. They starred in the Peaco*ck Original series alongside other memorable cast members, including Carsten "Bergie" Bergersen and Kassandra "Cassy" Castillo.

On the series, Kay Kay and Keenan were going strong until Keenan got the boot due to a fan vote that put him right at the bottom. His loyal partner didn't stay when he left. She chose to exit the series, displaying an impressive "ride or die" attitude. However, it could be argued that Keenan didn't deserve that kind of sacrifice. Nonetheless, that moment was very romantic, and it seemed like the couple had a good shot at making things work away from the Fijian villa. However, when it comes to IRL relationships after Love Island USA seasons, anything can happen.


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Are Kay Kay & Keenan Still Together?

The Two Love Island USA Stars Broke Up

Things were looking good for the pair, but in December 2023, Kay Kay announced that they'd ended things. Before that, Kay Kay strongly hinted that they were a couple in the Instagram post above, where she talked about

"what's next"

for her and Keenan. While she got love online, there was also major shade, as some fans didn't think that she should be so smitten with her beau from the show.

Was Kay Kay wearing rose-colored glasses when it came to her LI love interest? Maybe so, but it's her life.

While how she feels inside is most important, she might have mulled over some of the advice she got. There were "fans" who didn't hesitate to tell her where she was going wrong in life. Their remarks were blistering, but that could have been due to the fact that they cared about her even though her behavior frustrated them.

Fans of the Love Island franchise are particularly harsh online - their chatter can really sting. However, Kay Kay wasn't a villain on the show. While she seemed like a good person, the comments about her relationship may have been too extreme. Viewers should consider the stars' feelings before they post.

One fan left this comment on the post shown above: "I hope you seek mental health. It was sad to hear you say he was "perfect" and you wanting to introduced him to your mom after he humiliated you on tv." On another post of Kay Kay's, a fan really unloaded, psychoanalyzing the female reality star. They commented, "She mostly trying to convince us and herself that she made the right choice. she needs serious therapy." Then, they really twisted the knife, adding, "she can't see her own value without being chosen."

If Kay Kay did have any of the problems that fans thought she was dealing with, their comments, while possibly made with the best intentions, likely don't help at all. Being a Love Island contestant can be harsh. Hopefully, she realized that people would come after her when she signed on for the villa experience.

She handled the criticism and appears to be waylaying her fame into cash and clout, as other LI alums have done. However, there is a flip side. Former Love Island UK host Caroline Flack committed suicide after extensive and negative press coverage about her personal life.

Questions about her status with Keenan were answered during an Instagram livestream in December 2023. Kay Kay took to the social media platform to share her thoughts about the end of the relationship. Apparently, she realized that her partner wasn't the same person she fell in love with. Kay Kay got real when she said (as per Life & Style):

“[I] noticed a huge change in like his energy and his respect, it was just different. None of the struggles were due to like, cheating, he wasn’t in the streets, stuff like that, mainly like ‘healing’ from the show.”

Kay Kay seems to be doing well. She's cheery on Instagram and YouTube. She's got her own stuff going on and appears to enjoy getting creative. She models a lot of different outfits and promotes one brand, Pretty Little Things. Many of her poses are sultry - however, occasionally, she dresses down a bit, showing off a wholesome style that's a real departure from Love Island USA fashion.

Kay Kay Is A Beauty Influencer Who Loves Cars

Her Beauty YouTubes Are Fun To Watch

In the post above, Kay Kay, who's a Libra woman, does what Libras love to do... get glam. Yes, a typical Libra will be into grooming. This sign is known for superficiality - however, there's a silver lining. The Libra takes care of their appearance because they want to please. They want to make a good impression. Many people born under this sign are blessed with natural beauty. In the YouTube video posted above, Kay Kay talks about her favorite products, and it's fun to watch.

Whether she's showing off treasured Tatcha skin care products or revealing her contour secrets, Kay Kay's quite engaging. Also, she looks great. She doesn't use a ton of products, but does enjoy applying blush, putting on matte lip color, contouring to accent her bone structure, and using false eyelashes. In the clip, she sticks to a rosy palette that suits her dark skin.

Kay Kay Wore A "Soul Ties Is Crazy" T-Shirt On Valentine's Day 2024

Soul Ties Is A Special Love Island USA Place

When Kay Kay wore a "Soul Ties" shirt on V-day, it was cute. Love Island USA fans probably know that Soul Ties is a private place with a bed. Cast members go there to, uh, connect. However, Keenan's player attitude got the best of him when he decided to take another women (Imani Ayan) to Soul Ties. That "breach" of etiquette spoke volumes. That's part of the reason why Kay Kay got so much shade for staying with Keenan as long as she did.

The fact that she can joke about it now is fantastic - she's emotionally distanced from the situation. She's gotten over it and that means that she can see the humor in it. At the time, it didn't feel good, but life changes. Now that she's accepted the situation and made peace with the end of the relationship, she's in a much better place. Yes, she referenced the show, but it was lighthearted. She's not really living in the past. As she moves on, Love Island season 6 ramps up.

When she isn't telling fans about her post-series relationship status, Kay Kay's keeping them entertained online. Aside from Instagram, her YouTube channel Kay Kalore gives people more insight into her life after reality TV. On Instagram, Kay Kay's nearest and dearest helped to document her Love Island USA journey. When she got back in the saddle, Kay Kay began talking about the experience and how it impacted her life. Now, she's looking back but also moving forward.

What's Keenan Anunay Up To After The Show?

Keenan's Gone Radio Silent On Instagram

Keenan was back at IG after Love Island USA season 5, showing off his connection with Kay Kay, despite an army of haters. The post above really sparked negativity, with one detractor stating, "for me it's not what you did or even the lies, it's the gaslighting and the way you speak to her that was absolutely disgusting, triggering and difficult to watch." That missive concluded with the succinct comment, "seek help." That's just a taste of what Keenan's post-show life was like. Whenever he posts, he gets attacked.

The shade is probably why he never posts anymore - it surely takes the fun out of having an online presence. While he may resurface, his current relationship status is murky. He's not with Kay Kay but he hasn't shared any new information about his life since their split. So, he's a bit of a cipher. He may have decided that a truly private life was more enjoyable. Some people aren't cut out for the spotlight.

Kay Kay & Keenan Weren't Meant To Be

They Should Never Have Been Together

Are Kay Kay & Keenan From Love Island USA Season 5 Together After The Show? (2)

Appearing on Love Island USA's always a gamble. A stint on the series could lead to true love, public shame, or both. There are so many variables and permutations. Heartbreak, joy, infatuation, disillusionment...the series can run the gamut, showcasing the entire prism of human emotion. While it's not always that deep, there are moments when the onscreen action really rings true, whether a scene is happy or sad.

Since so many fans think that Keenan was awful to Kay Kay on the show, it seems like her choosing to stay with him (which she did for some time) was not a smart move. Then again, if she was sincerely in love, maybe Kay Kay was blinded by what she was feeling. If so, she deserved some compassion. For sure, she figured out the truth. Keenan was not her Prince Charming. When her infatuation faded, she found that life with Keenan was a nightmare, rather than a Disney-style fairytale.

While it's easy to criticize her for standing by her man, who hasn't screwed up for the sake of love? She has agency over her own life, and if she's willing to keep the comments on (they are brutal), she must feel like she's strong enough to handle the shade. Post-split with Keenan, the comments aren't as bad.

Those who trashed Kay Kay when she was in love got nowhere. She was in an altered state. Now, their remarks probably make so much sense. That's how it goes. The female Love Island USA star took a chance on her partner, and the bet didn't pay off, but her game isn't over. She's an influencer, she's gorgeous, and Kay Kay has a bright future ahead.

Sources: Kay Kay Gray/Instagram, Kay Kalore/YouTube, Keenan Anunay/Instagram, Life & Style

Are Kay Kay & Keenan From Love Island USA Season 5 Together After The Show? (3)
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Are Kay Kay & Keenan From Love Island USA Season 5 Together After The Show? (2024)


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